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The case summaries contained within this website are fact specific and the outcomes may well have been the result of factual and legal issues and circumstances peculiar to the cases. In addition, the cases listed on the website are illustrative only, and do not represent all of the cases that the law firm or the lawyers have handled. Reference to these cases should not be considered as any sort of guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any other legal matter, regardless of any similarities. The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon past results. The summaries should not be construed to create any sort of expectations -- every case is different and must be evaluated separately, upon a variety of factors unique to each case. The Atkinson Law Firm, PLLC. makes no representation that it can obtain in other legal matters the same or similar results as reported in other cases on this website.

These are just a few of over five-hundred cases that our firm has handled for clients who have been injured at work or by someone else’s negligent acts.  We pride ourselves in lending a strong voice to people who, by no fault of their own, are trying to heal and yet are forced to fight against powerful insurance companies who deny them the fair compensation that the law aims to provide.  We cannot heal the damage but we believe our vigorous representation allows families to move forward and to obtain a measure of justice.

Judgment - $900,000.00 – Dog Attack. We represented the family of a doctor who was attacked and killed by a pack of dogs in 2014.  The victim was visiting family in North Carolina to attend the baptism of his niece.  He went for a walk and never returned.  We filed suit against the owners of the dogs and successfully obtained a judgment in Rockingham County Superior Court.


Settlement prior to Jury Verdict – Confidential Amount – We represented a construction worker who was injured when a pressurized pipe exploded causing paralysis.  We hired a team of experts in construction, engineering, and life care planning who testified in our client’s favor.  This case involved both a workers’ compensation claim as well as a negligence lawsuit against the at-fault contractors who failed to properly depressurize the water lines at the job site.


Settlement - $825,000.00 – Trucking Accident.  We obtained a settlement in a civil action for the family of a laborer who was injured when his vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer on I-77 in Surry County, North Carolina.


Settlement – Confidential Amount – We obtained a recovery for the wrongful death of a man killed in a tractor trailer collision in Chatham County.  Our investigators uncovered evidence that the tractor trailer driver was exceeding a safe speed and made an unlawful maneuver which caused the collision that killed a husband and father of two children.  Thorough investigation of the scene led to our expert’s conclusions in support of our theory of the case.


Verdict at Trial - $625,000.00 – We won a jury award at trial for a woman who was involved in a T-Bone style collision with an impaired driver.  The liability insurance carrier had alleged contributory negligence against our client and had offered less than $50,000.00 prior to trial.


Settlement – Confidential Amount – Construction Injury. We represented a laborer who sustained multiple trauma, traumatic brain injury, and permanent hearing loss when he fell through a hole in a rooftop on a commercial construction site.  We successfully represented our client in both a workers’ compensation claim and in a third-party liability action against an at-fault HVAC contractor who failed to warn of the dangerous condition of the roof.


Settlement – Confidential Amount – Burn Injury. We obtained a settlement prior to trial for a client who was burned over a large portion of his upper body and extremities in an explosion.  This case involved important expert testimony of both the cause and origin of the explosion as well as medical experts regarding lifetime medical care and disability sustained by our client.


Settlement – Confidential Amount – Wrongful Death. Motorcycle-on-Farm-Tractor Collision.  We represented the family of a young woman who was killed as a passenger on a motorcycle which struck a farm tractor in Wilkes County.  We successfully obtained evidence that the farm tractor failed to signal or prior to making its left turn.  This case highlights the importance of analyzing the evidence with the assistance of law enforcement, but with an independent perspective.  Law enforcement often reach a summary conclusion about the sequence of events leading to a collision.  It is critical to conduct a careful, independent analysis and accident reconstruction based on the evidence found by both law enforcement and independently retained experts.

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